Welcome, I am glad you stopped by to visit my site. I invite you to come in, take off your shoes and sit comfortably while we get better acquainted.

I am a woman of God who is a born-again Christian and is passionate about the things of the Creator. I write spiritual books and fictional children books. Feel free to take a look at my books here.

I am a freelance magazine writer and I have written for many North American publications. I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of It’s Your Destiny eMagazine an online Christian magazine. And, I was a nominee in the media category for the Women on Fire Award.

As a passionate lover of writing, I enthusiastically enjoy the wonderful feeling it brings. When I am writing, I feel like a visual artist, a painter with a fine paintbrush, who meticulously maps out expressions and forms which are made to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the artist.

Writing for me, in a sense, is the same practice.

It brings out a thought, a feeling or an image by using similes and metaphors to connect words and people and, in the end, to tell a story that will invoke a powerful emotional response.

I thank you in advance for giving my work a chance by embracing it with positivity and warmth.

So, stop by anytime to pay me a visit; you know you are always welcome.


Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm

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