I am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I See…

Posted by in Books | January 10, 2015

I am beautiful cover with bestselling stickerAn inspirational book, created for middle school aged Black girls, aims to empower and liberate them to believe that they are beautiful, despite society’s notion of what “beauty” is.

In an era where the popular idealistic images of beauty are based on the western world’s realism of beauty, it illustrates that beauty begins with knowing who you are, believing it, and accepting yourself as you are.



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Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm (Re-Release) Tate Publishing

Posted by in Books | December 2, 2014

Emily Rose COVER rerelease for Tate Pub Experience a fun-filled day packed with action and adventure on the farm
Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm introduces children to a variety of farm animals and the work that goes into caring for the “rambunctious” bunch. Emily-Rose takes its young readers on an exciting adventure feeding pecking chickens, being slopped on by walloping pigs, encountering a galloping horse, being chased by crazy ducks and milking a cow.

With this stirring escapade, children will come to realize that Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm is also about respecting elders through the love and wisdom of Emily-Rose’s Grandmother. 

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The Endearing Jassette Haughton

Posted by in Commitment,People,Success | July 21, 2014
jassette-pic People, Commitment, Success

Opens up on Answering the Call of God, Her Life, Her Music Ministry, and Waiting on God


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Society’s Obsession With Physical Attraction: ‘Beauty’

Posted by in Articles,People | May 12, 2014

angelinajolieKim Kardashian On Letterman - October 2009

People, Beauty, Media

 Make Believe Perception of Beauty



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Bernadette Hood-Caesar: A Victorious Woman

Posted by in Articles,Commitment,People,Success | April 4, 2014


 People, Commitment, Success

 Bernadette Hood-Caesar Chronicles her victorious
outcome in her new book, The Courage to go forward


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Creating Hope Today to See a Change Tomorrow

Posted by in Articles | March 14, 2014
People, Community, CommittmentAllison Harvey Photo

The Big Hearted Gal


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Colouring & Activity Book: Based on A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book About Animals from A to Z

Posted by in Books | March 12, 2014

Colouring Book front coverColouring and Activity Book is based on the book, “A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book About Animals from A to Z.” It offers many colouring pages of the 26 distinct animal characters from this children’s book, along with an equal amount of engaging activity pages.

Colouring and Activity Book is a fun way for children to learn while they colour. They will have fun with activities such as:

- Learn the alphabet
– Learn the names of different animals
– Practice writing each letter in the alphabet in uppercase and lower cases
– Recognize and name each animal
– Cross word puzzles
– Word search
– Maze
– Learn how to spell the name of each animal
- Practice their drawing skills

And much more fun and interactive activities.

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Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm

Posted by in Books | February 7, 2014

Emily-Rose's Front Cover Image Emily-Rose is always excited to visit her Grammy on the farm. She always looks forward to these visits because she loves spending time with her Grandmother, and she also enjoys watching her Grandmother feed the farm animals in high hopes to one day (soon) have the responsibility of feeding them on her own.

Whenever Emily-Rose would ask her Grammy to feed the animals her Grandmother would always tell her that the animals are very ‘rambunctious’ a word that is very new to Emily-Rose who mistook the word to mean having fun instead of it’s true meaning (difficult to handle).

It is not until Emily-Rose feeds a few of the farm animals (Chickens, Pigs, Ducks etc.) that she learns the meaning of ‘rambunctious’ and she comes to the realization that feeding the animals is not as fun as she thinks it is. In the end, Emily-Rose learns a dear lesson.

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ROB FORD: Toronto’s 64th Mayor

Posted by in Community,People,Politics | October 4, 2013


  Politics, People, Commitment

  The Notorious ROB FORD


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A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z

Posted by in Books | May 2, 2013

A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to ZA Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z

Using the names of animals that start with letters in the alphabet in rhyme, making each story silly and easy to remember the alphabet.

With distinct animal characters — some already familiar to readers, others new — and fun-filled, vibrant illustrations, the book will readily engage children’s interest while using rhyme to teach them the alphabet. Each animal character is presented as playful, and has a unique personality that can be discovered throughout the book.

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