2013 Day Planner

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2013 Day Planner (discontinued)

Simone Da Costa
ISBN: 978-0-9879255-2-7
Cover: UV Cote
Pages: 110
Retail Price: $15.00
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in


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COCO LARAIN: The Endearing Dramatist

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people, community and media

A Motivational Speaker with a dramatic twist to                share her winning stories one at a time.


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ANDRE DURIE: Argos’ Special Talent

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  people, sports and success                                                        

Fourth Argonaut to have more
all purpose yards.

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KAY MORRIS. a.k.a. Queen Nana Sika: Extraordinary One

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people, community and media                                                         

A fire blazing anointing, her untiring faith that cannot be compromised, a dedicated humanitarian.


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BELINDA BARROCKS: Snapping People’s Evolution from Behind Her Lens

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  media, people and community

Capturing the lives of people through her exotic eyes and
the epiphany of knowing thy self.


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OLIVE ROSE STEELE: The Philanthropist

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  community, people and politics

Candidate Councillor who takes integrity to another level.             



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Reminders to Pray

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Reminders to  Pray (discontinued)
Day Planner/2011                                                     

By: Simone Da Costa

Reminders to Pray is not a typical  day planner, it provides the knowledge of foundational prayer and practical information that can be used in your every day walk with God. It is used as a guide to the proper steps to follow when praying and as a tool to utilize on a daily basis. In the planner the audience will also find daily and weekly calendars for their personal, business and social plans to record and to remember.

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