The Endearing Jassette Haughton

Posted by in Commitment,People,Success | July 21, 2014
jassette-pic People, Commitment, Success

Opens up on Answering the Call of God, Her Life, Her Music Ministry, and Waiting on God


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Bernadette Hood-Caesar: A Victorious Woman

Posted by in Articles,Commitment,People,Success | April 4, 2014


 People, Commitment, Success

 Bernadette Hood-Caesar Chronicles her victorious
outcome in her new book, The Courage to go forward


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PAT CHACHA: Minister and Motivational Speaker

Posted by in Commitment,Community,People | September 26, 2012

  People, community, commitment

Shares her vision on Girls of Destiny:
empowering teenage girls to shine like STARS


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Dr. Michael Schull: Dedicated to Saving Lives

Posted by in Articles,Commitment,Community,People | May 2, 2012

drschull  People,  Community, Commitment

 Dr. Michael Schull, Dignitas International front man is devoted to improving and saving the lives of adults, children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Malawi, The Warm Heart of Africa.

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MARCIA BROWN: Community Caretaker

Posted by in Commitment,Community,People | March 28, 2012

People, community, commitment

Impacting the lives of youths and young
adults to bring out their full potential.

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INGRID HAJEN: Delivering GOD’s Goodness

Posted by in Commitment,Community,People | January 8, 2012

   people, community, commitment

  Glorifying GOD by serving those  who

  are being mistreated


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