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A fire blazing anointing, her untiring faith that cannot be compromised, a dedicated humanitarian.



Kay Morris, the “Voice of the Voiceless.” Chosen to birth a deliverance ministry for the less fortunate. Kay Morris is anointed and appointed to reach, deliver and to heal nations by God’s grace through spiritual and material intercession.



What do you call  a powerful woman of God who has a fire blazing presence, gospel recording artist with intoxicating vocals that leave you spiritually drunk, a consummate visionary and  purposeful achiever? Why, none other than Ms. Kay Morris. Kay Morris has a deep, untiring faith and sincere passion for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This gospel recording artist and minister takes her calling very seriously with her due diligence and ambitious efforts to spread joy, peace and love throughout her trek around the world.

 In 2003, Kay Morris traveled to Ghana, Africa for her first musical concert. Troubled by the vast number of unfortunate people who filled her eyes, she was determined to make difference in the massive African continent. In was then that she was given a vision by God to not only help, but to deliver the less fortunate people in Ghana, West Africa.  Later in the year, Kay Morris registered and gave birth to the Kay Morris Foundation (KMF) Canada.

The Kay Morris Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.  Whose primary objective is to help restore a good standard of living in underdeveloped nations on the African continents, in particular Ghana. The organization’s programs are aimed at reducing poverty, combating maternal mortality and preventing HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other infectious diseases affecting the African  continents while promoting and trumpeting the cause of world peace, unity and love through seminars and lectures.

The Kay Morris Foundation’s motto is “The Voice of the Voiceless.” This motto embodies the overall goal of KMF’s programs which is to encourage and assist locally defined community development by fostering creative partnership, knowledge, communication and resources needed for communities to combat poverty. Kay Morris Foundation Ghana is a registered non-profit, non-Governmental Organization in Ghana which shares the same mandate as KMF Canada. It is, however, a separate entity from KMF Canada. KMF Ghana organizes an annual medical mission: organizes visits to schools, orphanages and medical facilities; sets up media coverage of speaking engagements and oversees and monitors the distribution of medicines in Ghana.

Kay Morris’ reverence for the Lord kept her resilient, strong and determined — an indelible mark who fiercely advocates world peace and love through her deliverance ministry. Her message of global spirituality has taken root in the hearts and lives she has been anointed to bless.  As a humanitarian, Ms. Morris finds that her work is never done and she is definitely a woman on a mission to fulfill a vision against poverty, and sickness as well as maternal mortality.  In April of 2004, Kay Morris partnered with Health Partner’s International of Canada (HPIC) and has been carrying out annual missions to Africa, supporting the Ghana AIDS Commission, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees’ (UNHCR) Liberian Refugee Camp and Korle Bu Hospital’s HIV Fever Unit, and donating medicines and medical supplies to over 42,000 refugees and people living with HIV/AIDS. In 2005, Kay launched the “Make a Difference” campaign and has been hosting annual fundraising events/galas in support of her global humanitarian initiatives in Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of the world.  In August 2006, Kay Morris further impacted Africa by brokering a $1.5 million donation of ARV (anti-retroviral) HIV/AIDS drugs on behalf of the Ghana Ministry of Health for people living with HIV/AIDS in West Africa. For her humanitarian efforts, she was crowned Queen Nana Sika.

In 2009, Chinese Artist and UN Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. William Ho, invited Kay to be a special guest of honor at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts where the World Renowned United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG) One Heart Beat Award was displayed for the first time to the public. Later in the same year she was a delegate and speaker at the African Youth and Governance (AYG) Conference in Ghana where she played a major role when the government launched the National Youth Policy on World Youth Day.  After the AYG Conference activities, Kay Morris hosted a fundraising gala on Dec 4, 2010 to raise funds to build the “Women, Shed No More Tears” Maternal Mortality Health Centre in Ghana. For her commendable work and passion, Kay was recognized by The Canadian Prime Minister, Honorable Stephen Harper, who congratulated her for the work she is doing to combat maternal mortality, in a topic which was heavily discussed at the G8/G20 Summit by World Leaders, in Africa.

God continues to use this trailblazer to help and to aid the African nations as Kay Morris has positively assisted in reaching the UN MDG 5 Goal. KMF is currently working on the “Women, Shed No More Tears” Maternal Health Centre in Ghana, and conducted the groundbreaking ceremony in  August 2011. KMF also partnered and participated in the “Change Africa Summit” in Nairobi, Kenya July 2011 as well as, the African Youth and Governance Conference in Accra, Ghana August 2011. Last but definitely not least, KMF was recently appointed by Mr. William Ho to be the Goodwill Ambassador for Africa for the UN One Heart Beat (OHB) movement.  For more information  and to contact Kay Morris Foundation, Please visit








13 comments on “KAY MORRIS. a.k.a. Queen Nana Sika: Extraordinary One

  1. Bravo Kay Morris! You are one in a million! God has blessed you for the goodness in your heart and the strength to stand up for your beliefs. I have no doubt that He will continue to do so.

    Excellent article, Simone. It is easy to see why you chose Kay as a deserving candidate for a featured article. Keep up the great work!
    Doug Simpson

  2. Simone is an exceptional writer, and individual. I am proud to call her a friend, sister in Christ and one of our most talented writers for Africulture Magazine.
    Her writing style transcends beyond that of just a writer but she connects the pen to the paper in such a way that leaves you wanting to come back for more.

    Excellent work on the write ups, on the articles and on this site. I am excited and cannot wait to see what is in store for you!

    Much love and blessings,

    Evelyn Oteng-Pabi
    Africulture Magazine
    Creative IV

  3. I m loving this article Simone. You have without a doubt were very descriptive in what you composed about Kay Morris.

    As For Kay Morris, being a Humanitarian must be a very tiring job, but it sounds very rewarding. And rewarded she has been by God and rewarding to the people where God has placed her to help.

  4. Women, who God created as nurturers, can truly change the world. Kay Morris is example extraordinaire. I look forward to reading more about this visionary who has greatly impacted the lives of so many people. She is a reminder that God can make a way…even when there seems to be no way.

  5. Praise God…Kay Morris is doing a wonderful thing for our people across the diaspora..a true visionary and a perfect example of what it means to practice Sankofa…..This was such an inspiring and uplifting article….such a beautiful thing to know there are those out there who are not just talking the talk, but walking the walk…Kudos to you Kay Morris; and to you Simone….this was very riveting and much needed.

  6. Keep up the good work Kay Morris. God will continue to bless you in all your humanitarian efforts because you have been a blessing to the people in Africa.

  7. As, I sat down and read the entire article I was greatly taken aback by the many people affected with HIV/AIDS in the African continents. All I will say is, tread on KMF you are doing great and mighty things for people in dire need.

  8. Kay Morris, she has so many accolades, where does one start? After reading this article, if I could accomplish one of her accomplishments I know I will be heading in the right direction.

    I too hope to be a driven and dedicated humanitarian one day.